Over 20 years of experience in the IT-field

NETconnection offers comprehensive IT and Web solutions. We are supplier-independent and with over 20 years of experience, we guarantee you efficient and reliable IT and impeccable personal service.

Cunning IT consultants

We provide IT consultants who are certified and experienced in a plethora of products e.g. Microsoft and Novell. In addition, we possess high competence in a number of other areas such as Unix/Linux, Citrix, Exchange and WatchGuard, etc.

Personal Partner

We strive to develop a personal partnership with our customers. As your personal IT-partner we value your wishes and we focus on the optimization of your IT-infrastructure to make sure you receive the IT solutions you desire.

Top-notch Support

Availability and exceptional support have always been the main strength at NETconnection. We are always available for any type of IT-support. It is one of the many reasons our customers choose to partner with us.

Our products and services:

A worry-free IT-environment requires the hardware and software to cooperate in the most efficient way possible. Our staff will help you find the optimal solution to serve your specific needs in your business. To achieve “Worry-free IT” we offer you four essential blocks of services and products.


IT-consultant/Project manager
They will help you manage large, as well as small, IT-projects to achieve “Worry Free IT”.

Case management tools:
A central database with effective case management.

Documentation of your entire IT-infrastructure to ensure quick and efficient initiation, following and completion of processes.

We make sure that all of your hardware for example computers, servers and networks are adapted to your specific business.

Telephony and IP-telephony
Switch functions, conference calls, soft-phones. (software for telephone calls over the Internet)

Prints and printers
Reliable and flexible solutions for all of your printer-related needs.

DNS-Domain names
Operation of DNS servers. The Domain Name System (DNS) explains addressing computers on IP networks. It connects domain names with IP addresses used for the actual communication.

Web hosting
We assist you in your setup and operation of your web host with all of the services and products needed to run the desired server applications.

E-mail services
We offer excellent and affordable E-Mail services such as Webbmail, Outlook, Exchange, Office365 and Zimbra, just to name a few.


Is responsible for connecting your IT needs with your business goals and your visions for the future. A teammate that helps you develop, not only with your IT but also on the business level.

Helps you coordinate the operation of the IT environment of your business and regularly reviews your needs and wants. We help you with your purchase of hardware as well as software, as it makes it easier for you to develop the products and services that suit you. Therefore, we adapt the products, update, upgrade and install them before delivery to you.

We help educate your peers in Outlook, Office365 and more. The majority of focus is to educate your peers in thinking along the IT-Policy of the company for the security and safety of the corporation.

We help you create a set of bespoke regulations to protect your business against various risks. We also help your peers understand and interpret the regulations that you have set.

App & Website Development
Having an aesthetically pleasing and smoothly working website or app helps improve your sales and can help you reach the target group you desire to sell your service or products to.

Social Media Management
Increasing your social media presence can help you reach your business goals. Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are brilliant for reaching desired target groups.


Risk analysis
Together with you, we identify which functions are important from an IT and business perspective. Based on this, we create routines and risk plans that ensure that your IT security is always optimal.

Prevents data intrusion on connected networks, computers, and other devices.

Back Up
We ensure that your information is secured both inside and outside the office. We implement suitable back-up routines both locally and in the cloud.

Just as the name suggests, Anti-Virus keeps your servers, computers, tablets, phones and websites, just to name a few, virus-free.

E-Mail filter
E-Mail filters filter the incoming and outgoing emails from phishing, viruses and spam mails.

As an additional service, you can also have your E-Mail archived.

Content filtering
Content filtering when surfing the web results in productive employees who are only using the company internet for work-related topics.


IT-consultant/Project manager
They will help you manage large, as well as small, IT-projects to achieve “Worry Free IT”.

Case management tools:
A central database with effective case management.

Accessibility and excellent support have always been our strengths. To be available when you need us. This is one of the main reasons why our customers stay with us.

Servers and monitoring
We take care of monitoring, security updating and administration of your servers.

Support agreement
We offer support agreements adapted to your company’s needs.

Secure Wi-fi
With our Wi-Fi service, you always have a stable and secure wireless connection. We can also monitor the wifi network from our web portal.


You can email a support case to support@netconnection.se
or call us on tel. 031-15 77 97

For remote assistance, click on one of the icons below, download the necessary software, and start a session where we can directly access your computer.

Offers fast access to your customers, access remote computers and mobile devices.

Download IslOnline

With TeamViewer you can within a few seconds establish a remote control to the desired PC via the internet.

Download TeamViewer

Our team!

Meet our amazing team:

Safet Redzepovic – VD

Safet Redzepovic – VD

Consultant Network & communication

Tel. 031-15 77 97 safet.redzepovic@netconnection.se

Fredrik Sundberg

Fredrik Sundberg

Networking consultant

Tel: +46 733 10 99 70 fredrik.sundberg@netconnection.se

Carl Stackling

Carl Stackling

Consultant Network & Communication

Tel. 0733-10 66 47 carl.stackling@netconnection.se

Jens Abrahamsson

Jens Abrahamsson

Consultant Network & Communication

Tel. 0733-10 66 42 jens.abrahamsson@netconnection.se

Bengt Persson

Bengt Persson

Sales & Marketing

Tel. 0733-10 66 49 bengt.persson@netconnection.se

Parham Jazaee

Parham Jazaee

Networking consultant


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Call 031-15 77 30 or send an email to info@netconnection.se. You can also use the form below to request a quote, or ask questions. We respond as soon as we can, often within a few hours.

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NETconnection supports i.a. a BRIS (Children’s Rights in Society), Médecins Sans Frontières and the Jubilee Clinic’s Cancer Fund.